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All About: Mirror Image by Karen D. Badger

Mirror Image by Karen D. Badger Released: Apr 13, 2024 Genre: Speculative Fiction Why this book and why now? This book had been mulling around in the back of my mind for about a year before I had time to…

Cover of The Fifty and One

Book: The Fifty and One

By Karen Badger

The Fifty and One picks up where the award-winning novel, 1140 Rue Royale leaves off. Lia Purvis and Elliot Walker find themselves in a fight for Lia’s life two months after they freed the souls of the slaves tortured by…

Cover of A Shadow in Love

Book: A Shadow In Love

By Karen D. Badger

Mackenzie Caldwell was given a choice…be true to who she was and be shunned for the rest of her life by her entire family, or suppress her attraction to women and live the rest of her life knowing ‘her place’…

Cover of Say Their Names

Book: Say Their Names

By Karen Badger

Jo Benson is a political science professor. Tam Allen is a cardiac care nurse. Jo and Tam met several years previously, at a demonstration protesting police brutality against the black community. After several years together, they relocate from South Carolina…

Cover of 1140 Rue Royale

Book: 1140 Rue Royale

By Karen D. Badger

Lia and Elliot are research scientists in New York City. Having met twenty-two years earlier, their lives have fallen into a ‘taken-for-granted’ daily routine. They agree to begin again in New Orleans, not only to further their careers, but to…

Cover of Yesterday Once More

Book: Yesterday Once More

By Karen D. Badger

It’s the year 2105. Dr. Jordan Lewis, paralyzed from the waist down in a childhood accident is part of a research team working to create a device that will restore her mobility. While recovering from surgery, Jordan finds the diaries…

Cover of All My Tomorrows

Book: All My Tomorrows

By Karen Badger

Dr. Jordan Lewis was born in 2073, fifty-four years after Maggie Downs was thrown from her horse and died on her farm in rural Vermont. Paralyzed from the waist down at age fourteen, thirty-two year old Jordan falls in love…

Cover of On A Wing And A Prayer

Book: On A Wing And A Prayer

By Karen Badger

Airline pilot Cassidy Conway, haunted by memories of her lover’s death, has enclosed her heart to love. Content with the occasional physical encounter, she is happy in her solitude. Roxanne Ward is an award-winning science fiction writer. Caught between her…

Cover of The Blue Feather

Book: The Blue Feather

By Karen D. Badger

Cape Cod resident Willow McCord receives a package in the mail from Newcastle upon Tyne, England. In it is an intricately carved brooch in the shape of a sapphire blue feather mounted on a Celtic Cross. Suddenly, her life plunges…

Cover of In A Family Way

Book: In A Family Way

By Karen Badger

Billie Charland’s life is complicated. She’s a paralegal by day, an aerobic instructor in the evening, and a full time parent, so a relationship is the last thing Billie needs in a life already overly full of commitments. When a…