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Cover of Happy Campers

Book: Happy Campers

By Karen Badger

Left anxious and edgy by the events of the previous year, Billie and cat, along with their neighbors and best friends, Jed and Fred, take their families on a camping trip in the hope that time together in a relaxed…

Cover of Collective Identity

Book: Collective Identity

By Karen Badger

In this fourth book of The Commitment Series, Billie and Cat Charland embark on a genealogy search to build their family tree. What they find sends their lives into a tailspin as they discover dark secrets surrounding Billie’s lineage. They…

Cover of Sweet Angel

Book: Sweet Angel

By Karen Badger

Book five of The Commitment Series chronicles the heart-wrenching trauma Billie and Cat endure when their family is faced with a life-changing event. Each member of the Charland family deals with the trauma in their own way as the very…

Cover of Relative-ly Speaking

Book: Relative-ly Speaking

By Karen Badger

Have you ever heard the saying, you can choose your friends, but you can’t choose your relatives? In this sixth book of The Commitment Series, Cat and Billie find themselves in the heart of Disfunction Junction as the O’Grady-Charland clan…

Cover of Tailspin

Book: Tailspin

By Karen Badger

Have you ever thought you kids are trying to drive you crazy? Have you ever wondered how you could possibly handle all the curveballs life throws at you? Real life hits Billie and Cat squarely in the face and sends…

Cover of Flashpoint

Book: Flashpoint

By Karen Badger

After a year of strife and anxiety—and intent on celebrating Cat’s clean bill of health—the Charlands plan a family vacation to regroup, reconnect and revive their love for life and for one another. What better choice than the beautiful National…

Cover of In the Blink of an Eye

Book: In the Blink of an Eye

By Karen Badger

Tara Charland is an ordinary fifteen year old kid. She likes music, playing on her phone, going to the mall, dancing with her peeps, and movie nights with her moms and siblings. She especially likes spending time with her new…

Cover of Udder Nonsense

Book: Udder Nonsense

By Karen Badger

The Twilight Zone has nothing on the Charland family in this rip-roaringly interlude and adventurous ‘who-done-it’! After the life altering experience during the shooting at Nassau High School, Cat and Billie decide to move their family to a ‘safer’ place…

Cover of Over The Crescent Moon

Book: Over The Crescent Moon

By Karen D. Badger

Makaya Kapule and Spencer Bennet are from vastly different backgrounds…Makaya from Hawaii and Spencer from Vermont. They met and fell in love as members of the National Fencing Team. On hiatus from their grueling training schedule, Makaya and Spencer fly…

Cover of Mirror Image

Book: Mirror Image

By Karen Badger

Kalena Kealohilani (age 54) is the manager of the Princeville Kealia Resort on Kauai, Hawaii. A native of Kauai, she had immersed herself in her job after a failed relationship left her heart broken and resigned to remain single. Piper…