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Cover of She Waits

Book: She Waits

By Kate Sweeney

…love, free-lance photography. For the next few years, she exists alone in – “My emotionally detached loop,” as Kate proudly calls it. Then all hell breaks loose and Kate drops a loop. Enter young Dr. Maggie Winfield and her adorable…

Cover of A Nice Clean Murder

Book: A Nice Clean Murder

By Kate Sweeney

Kate finds this a little suspicious, but as her family, she too is excited about Mac’s inheritance. When a young Irishman collapses on Kate’s doorstep, her suspicions are justified. She is now sure that Mac’s Uncle Brian did not ‘accidentally…

Cover of Dead in the Water

Book: Dead in the Water

By Kate Sweeney

Yes, yes, it’s about time. The question now is where, when, and how? The “why” is evident. So with great trepidation, Kate accepts the help of Maggie’s adorable Aunt Hannah. Together, they will try to answer those questions before Kate

Cover of Who'll Be Dead For Christmas

Book: Who'll Be Dead For Christmas?

By Kate Sweeney

Back where she started and ended her P.I. business. Kate purchases a renovated brownstone and she gets it for a song. When Kate finds out that the former tenant, a scientist, was murdered in the kitchen, she understands why she…

Cover of A Near Myth Murder

Book: A Near Myth Murder

By Kate Sweeney

…Yes, Maggie’s adorable aunt, Hannah Winfield, is a partner—hence the test of Kate’s sanity. Reluctantly—very reluctantly—Kate travels to her reunion at Hillcrest College, nestled in the peaceful woods of northern Michigan, in hopes of finding out what happened to Jan….

Cover of It's Not Always Murder

Book: It's Not Always Murder

By Kate Sweeney

Too quiet. So naturally, Hannah has time to arrange their Chicago neighborhood office; it now looks like a 1940s newsroom, equipped with retro candlestick phones. Kate Ryan can do nothing but watch any control she foolishly thought she had slip…

Cover of Married to Mayhem

Book: Married to Mayhem

By Kate Sweeney

They’ve given up all control to Hannah, who has decided everything regarding the wedding be a complete surprise to the soon-to-be newlyweds. All Kate and Maggie know is the date, more or less, which has Kate breathing into a paper…

Cover of The Trouble With Murder

Book: The Trouble With Murder

By Kate Sweeney

…acknowledge any feelings she might have for Maggie. However, Kate finds a champion in Aunt Hannah, who is determined to see her sarcastic niece and the elusive Kate together at last. Yet, something more troublesome is happening on the lake:…

Cover of What Happened In Malinmore

Book: What Happened In Malinmore

By Kate Sweeney

…an accident, and why did she have a note clutched in her hand with Kate Ryan’s name on it? Once again, Kate Ryan is tossed into a convoluted mess as she tries to figure out just what happened in Malinmore….

Cover of Recalculated Murder

Book: Recalculated Murder

By Kate Sweeney

Then he turns up dead. Her logical next step? Naturally—call Kate Ryan for help. So, Kate, Hannah, and Maggie travel to New Orleans to try to find out what exactly happened to Walt “Doc” Jenkins. From voodoo to hoodoo, from…