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Cover of It's Murder, Dude

Book: It's Murder, Dude

By Kate Sweeney

After the lavish, but not quite legal wedding at Kate’s cabin in the woods, the girls decide to have a quiet ceremony at City Hall in Chicago in November, the day of the seventh game of the World Series for…

Cover of Of Course It's Murder

Book: Of Course It's Murder

By Kate Sweeney

Seems her editor’s ex-cousin, the hapless flamboyant Simon Merriweather needs photos of his new inn for the local travel guide. It was to be a nice quiet week of reflection for Kate. What could go wrong? Enter Kit Parker, Emily…

Cover of Winds Of Heaven

Book: Winds Of Heaven

By Kate Sweeney

An avowed bachelorette, Casey has no idea what’s in store when she grudgingly agrees to help Liz, who, by the way, is also pregnant and due in four months. Casey, Liz, and little Skye find themselves in for a hilarious,…