A Bargain for Bliss

The Raven Court Chronicles, Book 2

By Autumn Wolff

The submissive werewolf is back and brattier than ever for her faerie mistress.

A cozy Lesbian Palace Romance about a submissive werewolf who remains in the hands of a powerful Faerie Queen.

It’s been a few months since Sierra Chelsi struck her bargain with the Raven Queen and moved into the palace to become her pet. Now comfortable in her new home, the young werewolf has settled into a familiar pattern of being the fierce beast while her queen holds court and entertaining her mistress in the bedroom whenever she desires.

But recently, things have started to change. Sierra’s mistress has grown distant and busy as she schemes for a mysterious magic known only as Bliss.

Further frustrating matters, Sierra’s girlfriend, Lily, has been away for weeks on a secret mission in the Court of Tulips, and there’s no telling when she’ll return, or if she’s in danger.

Nobles in the Raven Court trade whispers of a brewing war in the north, and a mysterious visitor to Featherstone might just drag Queen Varella into the conflict. Sierra is starting to finally realize the dangers of Faerie, which is full of scheming kings and queens eager to bolster their own coin and power.

But through it all, Sierra remains loyal to her owner, the mighty Faerie Queen who will need a pet werewolf at her side more than ever before. From steamy encounters to tender gifts, Sierra has no regrets about her bargain, even if it puts her life in terrible danger.

A Bargain For Bliss continues the cozy sapphic fantasy about a submissive werewolf and her mistress, the powerful Faerie Queen. It’s full of wish fulfillment and faerie court drama, perfect for a leisurely read.

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