A Curious Visit

The Murder Under the Gum Trees Series, Book 2

By Jess Lea

Lesbian fiction’s funniest odd couple is back, investigating tall tales, extinct creatures, and a crumbling house filled with secrets, in this offbeat Australian romantic mystery.

Partners in love, life, and earnest museum appreciation, Margaret Gale and Bess Campbell desperately need a break. Strict, meticulous ice queen Margaret has been fired for frightening her auction house customers, while free-spirited Bess hates her office job.

While holidaying in Tasmania, they receive a call for help that leads them to a creepy, old house in the wilderness. There, they meet a mysterious woman from Margaret’s past, who warns she’s being stalked and something terrible is coming.

What’s going on? What secrets lie within Crossroads House? And why on earth are there hidden cameras around the grounds, recording everything that happens?

Unexplained incidents turn sinister, endangering Bess and Margaret—and their trust in one another. But they don’t give up easily…

This sweet, eccentric sequel to A Curious Woman can easily be read as a standalone story.

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