A Dance Towards Forever

The French Connection Series, Book 1

By Alyson Root

Two women and a Dolly Parton song. Can only lead to one thing. Love.

A lesbian romance of second chance love.

There are three things that Sam Chambers knows to be fact. One, her heart is broken, two, her career is sinking, and three, she hasn’t a clue how to turn any of it around.

When her new boss John Spencer shakes things up at the photography company she works for, the last thing she expects is to be sent to Paris on a career changing project. Unbeknown to Sam, the brief glimpse of a dark-haired beauty at St Pancras is about to tip her world upside down.

Anna Holland has the life she worked hard for. She’s successful, she lives in the city of love and she is in a steady relationship with a nice guy. The problem? Her nights are filled with the vision of a red-haired woman. Nothing makes sense when the woman of her dreams shows up in Paris and her office.

Together, they start a journey of exquisite discovery. Is there something more to their chance meeting? The unfathomable connection between them would suggest so.

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