A Game of Hearts

By Callie Hall

Being part of a guild is hard enough without falling for your healer and best friend.

Valarie’s been playing Auroradon for over a year, but she wouldn’t have survived half as long without her good friend and designated healer, Haley. Haley is smart, caring, and does an adorable thing with her nose whenever she’s super focused on a fight, but Valarie swears she only appreciates those things because of how close they are.

From online acquaintances to best friends, their relationship changes once more when Haley spends a long weekend with Val so they can attend the game’s yearly convention together. As the line between fiction and reality begins to blur, there’s only so much Valarie can do to keep her heart from getting in the way of their amazing friendship.

The thought of pushing Haley away is almost too much to stand, but when Haley confesses she has feelings of her own, her admission sends Val right over the edge.

With Val’s overwhelming anxiety and hundreds of miles between them, can they find a way to make their new relationship work? Or will the distance be too much for Valarie to handle?

A Game of Hearts is a sweet sapphic romance featuring a self-proclaimed introvert, her perky friend, and the world of gaming that brings them closer together.

Previously published under Natalie Brunwick. The story is the same.

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