A Girl on the Plane

The Isabel and Friends Series, Book 2

By Maggie McIntyre

Fast-paced romantic mystery novel makes a perfect winter read.

Ice-queen accountant Alana Byrne and her aid-worker girlfriend, Steph Hunter have been together for three years. They love each other.The sex, when they have time to make it happen, is fantastic, and they share a comfortable London flat and a decent income.

But as Alana sees it, their life together is in crisis, and they might even be about to break up. She is lonely, frustrated, and heartbroken as Steph’s continual long absences on assignments round the world erode their relationship.

Steph, meanwhile is haunted by memories of betrayal and buried fears of commitment and being trapped. When she finally comes home to Alana for Christmas, it’s time to face and resolve their problems, once and for all.

But then, on a flight from Africa, Steph meets a mysterious girl who asks her for help and knows she has to respond. As what could be their last Christmas together unfolds, Alana and Steph work together to find the girl, and even save her life. But will they be able to save their own future as well?

This fast-paced lesbian novel of contemporary love, and friendship is set in December 2019 and exposes the harsh world of modern-day slavery. But mainly it explores the love between two caring and sensitive women who hold each other’s hearts in their hands.

Read and enjoy!

A Girl on the Plane is the sequel to Maggie McIntyre’s Isabel’s Healing, and the second in her series, Isabel and friends.

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