A Hint of Hope

The Towers of the Earth Series, Book Prequel 2

By Nita Round

Action, adventure, and pirates.

When two sky pirates survive an attempt on their lives, they must ask themselves, who can they trust?

Magda keeps her emotions in check and her life in order. Beneath her cool exterior she battles with personal loss that has her questioning everything and everyone.

Ascara’s enthusiasm and passion cannot be contained by the army she once trained with.

They became pirates to help people who have no one else, and now, the stakes are much higher. This is a mission they cannot refuse.

A notorious slaver has acquired the latest in airship design, an Imperial Condor Class airliner. A ship designed to change the world, and if the slaver transforms it into an advanced warship then no one will be safe, anywhere.

Magda and Ascara promise one more mission to free hundreds of slaves and prevent a world at war.

Can they rescue the slaves and stop the creation of a super warship?

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