A Luminous Heart

The Sapphic Legends Series, Book 2

By Cailee Francis

The forest is withering, and with it, the guardian goddess Inaria's hopes of survival.

The loss of the goddess’s emerald heart has doomed the Forest of Grenarion, if it cannot be retrieved.

Aiyana, a brave fae woman, takes it upon herself to reclaim the heart. If Inaria and the forest are to live, the goddess’s luminous heart must be returned to her sacred grove, and there it must stay.

This is a deeply personal quest for Aiyana, as she and Inaria have a sapphic soul bond. Long has she avoided it in favour of village life, but now she can’t dismiss the feeling that her future and her unclaimed love have been stolen away. Who, really, is this mysterious goddess whose erotic touch she is yet to feel? All she knows of her is devotional prayers and dreams of the nature goddess gazing back at her.

Aiyana doesn’t know who’s stolen the heart, but every year poachers, thieves and bandit gangs grow more brazen. Her village has been attacked before and its small militia readies for the day it will happen again.

A Luminous Heart is a story of adventure, magic, and steamy sapphic love. It features two women who will realise their destiny and fight for what matters most – their world and each other.

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