A Masc for Purim

The Hot for the Holidays Series, Book 3

By Roz Alexander

Does true love have an expiration date? What about forgiveness?

Every year, tomboy-femme Liza plans the perfect party for Purim, and every year she goes alone. She’s convinced her role as holiday host is enough to find happiness, but lately, the nights have gotten lonelier.

Carrie, a.k.a. Liza’s first love, a.k.a. the butch who broke her heart into a million pieces, is back in town and determined to win Liza back. Carrie has spent the last ten years unlearning the internalized ableism that reared its head after her diagnosis of progressive vision loss.

And ten years of regretting leaving Liza.

Their inexperience and inability to be vulnerable with one another may have driven them apart the first time, but has the last decade taught them both to be brave? Luckily, they have the whole megillah to figure it out.

A Masc for Purim is an angsty, steamy, second chance romance novella between a bisexual butch and her tomboy lesbian. It’s a standalone part of the “Hot for the Holidays” series.

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