A New Start

By Susie Ray

A new start with little expectation, is how Ellie anticipated her move to Vermont, but she reckoned without the charms of New England, and Patti, in particular, working their magic.

A New Start

In many ways, Ellie was glad of a new start. A new job in a new town – a clean break, after her last fiasco, with Candice. She didn’t expect the townsfolk of Weston Vt to be so welcoming and friendly, especially her new landlady, Patti – in fact, life in Vermont was like stepping back to an earlier age, where progress hadn’t quite reached, fully.

She found working in Gracie’s shop, hard going, on her feet all day, but Patti seemed happy to make an exception for her and provide dinner as well, making life that much easier. Would it be very long before Patti was making lots of exceptions for her guest as their relationship blossomed?


Lady is Bernice’s faithful canine friend, her only friend, until she meets Jenny, when unexpected sparks touch them both, and with two failed heterosexual relationships behind her, Bernice is forced to consider whether that the problem has been, not the kind of men she was with, but possibly, their gender.

This story is a gentle romance of self-discovery, if Bernice is open to all possibilities…?

Conquest Club

A chance meeting between Samantha and Molly, Lady Markham quickly escalates into Sam being invited to join Molly’s Conquest club, in this short story. Sam feels out of her depth, but excited, at the same time. Read what happens as Sam satisfies all of Molly’s needs, with a flourish…


The holiday didn’t start well, which didn’t bode well for its purpose. Lisa and her younger partner Carole, were trying to re-kindle the fun and joy in their relationship, away from day-to-day cares, on the beautiful island of Cyprus. They may have stood a chance if fate hadn’t intervened, or would they…?

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