A Troublemaker in Her Eyes

The Troublemaker Series, Book 3

By Genta Sebastian

Do wishes really come true?

It’s a hot, humid summer on the island of Terceira in 1969. Capt. Traf Mendes is bitter after her beautiful gypsy girlfriend, Carmen, suddenly marries a man. The original Troublemaker (a private club of unique young lesbians) stirs up mischief by starting a contest among the island butches: who can collect the most panties, fresh from a femme, before Thanksgiving. Determined never to trust another woman, Traf turns into an Ice Butch, quickly collecting panties, not girlfriends.

But Capt. Betty Sullivan, the pretty blonde American nurse, keeps distracting her. Sometimes it seems like she’s setting Traf up, waiting to trap her into admitting she’s a lesbian to destroy her career. Other times, the guitar playing hippie from San Francisco seems to be only a lonely woman far from home, looking for a friend.

Traf’s attraction is undeniable, but she keeps it under control through the trauma of a plane crash, the delight of showing Betty her island, and a festive American style Thanksgiving dinner. But when Betty asks Traf to set her up with a lesbian lover, what’s an Ice Butch Troublemaker with serious trust issues to do?

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