A Troublemaker Never Cries

The Troublemaker Series, Book 1

By Genta Sebastian

When you can’t live by the rules, break them. All of them.

In this coming of age tale, Traf Mendes, VIP driver for the USAF, finds a surprising number of other young butch lesbians on her small Portuguese island, Terceira of the Azores. They form a group, the Troublemakers, supporting each other against all odds from:

  • vicious gossips
  • centuries old traditions
  • sexist laws
  • Catholic priests
  • the US Air Force
  • and sometimes their own families

In other words they get it from all sides.

Traf is the original troublemaker. She won’t conform, wears men’s clothing, competes for their jobs, and steals their women. Trapped in the middle of the Atlantic ocean and 20th century, she dreams of going to America. There, women do as they like, make their own money, and live without the permission of men.

Emotionally damaged by past relationships, pretty femme Ana is convinced she’s hopelessly inadequate. She doesn’t fit anywhere so she joins a private woman’s club, the first of its kind, and could have her pick of lovers but her heart yearns for the mischievous butch with dark, brooding eyes.

Traf and her Troublemakers live by breaking the rules of men and God. They may be disparaged as ‘twisted tomboys’, turned out of society, and bloodied by bullies but when one gets knocked down the others pick her up and fight beside her. They can’t give in because everyone on their island knows A Troublemaker Never Cries.

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