All the Right Wrong Reasons

The All the Right Wrong Reasons Series, Book 1

By Jacqueline Ramsden

A hacker did not expect to fall for the PI investigating her.

Rule number one is to never fall for a target. Perry’s never been good with rules.

Perry is a master thief—and a responsible one—but she’s not nearly as good with women. When she and her trusted hacker took thirty-seven million dollars from the brokerage firm Richmond’s, they were prepared for an investigator on the case. But Perry wasn’t expecting her to be so gorgeous. Or so into Perry, undercover as a journalist.

Private Investigator Norah Rosenberg is great at her job. But when she’s roped in to solve a near-perfect hack, she may find herself outmatched—and much more interested in the pretty brunette journalist following her investigation.

When Norah’s new girlfriend might not be the journalist she seems, the whole case starts looking a little more complicated and a lot more personal. Under pressure from the insufferable Richmond heir to solve the case, her inside source switching sides, and her feelings for Perry deepening, will Norah choose her work, or will she choose the woman who’s too perfect for her to let go—and the life of crime she leads?

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