By Susie Ray

Lisa and Jeannie only met to stop their mutual friends from trying to match-make; neither of them expected to feel the loving connection they made.

3 stories of Women loving Women


A short-short, that proves the adage of ‘Never say never’. Lisa and Jeannie have both sworn-off getting involved again, at least for the foreseeable future, after the pain of past break-ups is becoming all too regular for each of them. If only their mutual friends would stop interfering, they might even have stood a chance.


When Sylvie lets her friends, Kay and Jen talk her into a staycation to help her get over her ex – she didn’t realise that a lock-down was about to hit and that it would have such a dramatic effect on her and the holiday let, owner Emily. Maybe it isn’t such a bad thing, or is it? One thing is for sure – nothing will ever be quite the same again!

I Love You More

A mini novella that explores how life just happens to Mary and Ronny, and just sometimes, with a wonderful outcome.

Maybe it’s a mother’s instinct to be determined to intensely dislike her teenage son’s Cougar ‘Girlfriend’, but Mary never thought they would become friends, let alone lovers! There are extenuating circumstances, other than being of a similar age, both mothers, are of similar sexual orientation – read the story if you want to discover what they are and how perfect they are together.

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