American Superstar: Drop the Mic

The American Superstar Series, Book 3

By Shay Paris

Life would go on, and I would be strong, but now I’m just letting go…

After the disastrous final American Superstar show, Lennon’s world is plunged into darkness. Camila had left her, her parents disowned her, and the online smear campaign had her locked inside her apartment. Struggling to keep her head above water, Lennon realizes she has to fake it until she makes it—no matter how hard that would be.

Still reeling from the abrupt dumping by Camila and trying her best to move on, Lennon throws herself into reviving her career and writing a hit album, all the while trying to hold together the heartbreak at the rejection of her parents and the loss of Camila.

Shattered by her decision in New York to save Lennon’s career, Camila continues to battle the fallout while trying to come to terms with her own demons, all while struggling to decide if the life of a performer is something she wants anymore.

Realizing she made a grave mistake in leaving Lennon, Camila sets out to win back the one person who understood her most in the world while healing the darker parts of her soul.

The final instalment in the American Superstar series.

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