Among the Stars

The Hollywood Connections Series, Book 3

By Renee Porter

Jennifer Hunter knew exactly who she was, who she wanted to be and how she would get there.

She planned her future from the beginning, taking each detailed step toward a life that would be sure to reward her with success. But Jen was not able to plan on Taylor, and her carefully laid out future seemed to be unraveling right before her eyes.

Taylor Montgomery-Fields was popular, had an amazing voice, the offspring of two famous Hollywood stars but quiet when it came to Jennifer Hunter. The young woman wouldn’t even speak to her, until a mistaken comment by Jen set forth a friendship that would soon turn into something both girls couldn’t quite grasp.

It’s funny how the universe brings people together, and then pulls them a part. We may not know why but there is a reason in the end. Follow Jen and Taylor as they build a friendship that lasts years and a love that will last a lifetime. Well, of course, if they could get the timing right.

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