Battles Unfought

The Lady Bane Series, Book 1

By Rachel Ford

A new ship. A new era. A new mission.

The Lady Bane is under new management. The military prototype turned privateer vessel is the new home and base of operations for Maggie, Kay, and the former crew of the Black Flag.

They’d prefer to spend some time getting to know the new ship. But when a high priority mission comes in from the admiralty, they can’t refuse.

The mission is straightforward: break into a secure facility owned and operated by a cabal of criminals, crack a state-of-the-art safe, and retrieve a data chip containing sensitive information.

The stakes are high. It’s a very secure facility, and very sensitive information. Wars have been waged for less.
The payout is huge – whatever they can lift from the safe, they can keep.

If they survive long enough to get away with it, anyway.

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