Before You Go

The Another Love Series, Book 3

By Melissa Tereze

Ryann Harris has everything she needs.

A thriving tattoo studio and the woman she loves by her side. When lies and deceit unravel everything Ryann thought she knew, she makes a drastic decision and heads towards the river. She never imagined a world in which she would find herself standing on a ledge—ready and willing to jump—but that possibility is now staring her in the face.

And then she meets Lydia.

Lydia Nelson is struggling to choose between her sanity and her career. Working for a leading marketing company was always the dream, but her new boss was beginning to sour life for Lydia.

Both are at the river railing for different reasons. One is in need of a break, the other is desperately seeking an angel.

But one thing is for certain… Ryann and Lydia need one another.

Could a chance meeting and an instant connection change everything?

Bestselling author Melissa Tereze brings you a new stand-alone, slow-burn romance in the Another Love series to sink your teeth into.

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