Best Friends

By Susie Ray

Best Friends Paige and Lucy expected to wed one day, and Lucy went to work abroad to set up a new home for them, but fate had other plans. introducing new players to the mix.

Best Friends – Paige and Lucy were Best Friends from childhood. Paige hoped that their friendship might develop into something more intimate and that they might spend the rest of their lives together, but things often don’t go as planned.

When Paige decides to enrol for artificial insemination, while Lucy is working abroad, she and Carla meet, sharing similar hopes for the future, and neither of them could guess that they would fall in love and share much, much more…

Unremarkable is how Abigail considers herself, until a chance meeting with Belle, a spectacular woman in every sense. She changes Abigail’s perception of herself, and opens up a whole new remarkable world to her, if Abi can dare let herself believe it.

What is the next surprise Belle has in store and can it possibly be any better than what they now share?

Sophie is a friend to all in her local community, and a life-saver to Ginny when she needs someone to take her to the dentist. Ginny fancies Sophie, well, who wouldn’t, but Ginny is under self-imposed intentions, not to fall too easily and get hurt again.

Will love find a way to bring them closer and soften the pain of heart-ache as well as toothache?

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