Between Boat & Shore

By Rhiannon Grant

When Aleuks arrives in Otter Village, she's looking for shelter from a storm and somewhere to trade, but in Trebbi, she finds much more.

“A great story including all the best elements: ancient Celts, murder, community, spirituality, easy integration of the spectrum of sexuality and gender, all wrapped up in a well-written style that captures the imagination and draws you in.” – A. L. Masters, Amazon review of the first edition

In Trebbi, she finds much more: a beautiful, confident woman who is serving her community and making space for love – for Aleuks. As the people of Otter Village come to terms with the death of their previous leader and work to appoint a new one, Trebbi comes into her own strength and Aleuks, previously a committed traveller, begins to realise that this is a place where she could settle down.

This is a gentle romance story with a happy ending. It’s set in the neolithic period, just as farming arrives in Britain and when people are building megalithic tombs, stone circles, and other monuments which survive to intrigue us today. The novel describes the Orkney Islands in the north of Scotland, where the famous Ring of Brodgar, Maes Howe, the Tomb of the Eagles, Skara Brae village, and many other ancient remains give clues about what life would have been like at the time.

“I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Otter Village and hope to return.” – ltlwing, Amazon review of the first edition

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