The Sea Goblins Series, Book 2

By Juniper Butterworth

After their ship wrecked below the goblin village, not all the crew of the pirate vessel the Golden Apple have taken to life on land.

The ship’s navigator, Haven, mother of a rare goblin baby, reluctantly trades the hazards of sea life for a new set of threats to her small daughter: mischievous goats, broken dishes, and unwise choice of vegetables while pickling. But a new peril looms. In a moment of unexpected magic, the curse that brought their ship to ground transfers itself to her child, and no one knows what damage it might do.

The village’s mysterious sea-witch claims that she is the only one who can break the spell, and Haven and her daughter find themselves guests in the witch’s strange house on a tiny island. As the witch summons the other powerful magic-workers of the sea for their advice, Haven tries to make order in the chaotic dwelling, discovering many strange magics as she does. But these two strange, prickly goblins have far more in common than they realize. Can either of them let go of old habits long enough to explore a new love?

f/f fantasy romance novella, 46,000 words

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