Blood Bounty

The Stardust Fields Series, Book 1

By Elena Abbott

One hunter, one Ranger, one hell of a job.

In fields of stardust, freedom is a starship and the coldness of space. The central planets rely on the soldiers of the Terran Dominion to push the lawless to the outskirts of the galaxy. Out there the only laws are what the leaders choose to uphold. For everything else, there are the Bounty Hunters.

Evangeline Kaine dreamed of her own ship since she was abandoned as a child. Now a renown Bounty Hunter herself, Eva knows how expensive it is to run a starship. So she takes a job on ION-42, a mining station where she has an ugly history. Eva doesn’t have long to get in, get out, and get paid.

When the job goes downhill she finds herself trapped between a rich asshole who wants her body, his puppet slumlord who wants her head, and the captivating alien who wants her for food – and maybe something else. Eva discovers more than she’s looking for when word gets out that she might not be entirely human. Of all the species in the galaxy, could she really be one of the near-extinct Wix.

One of the very same Wix who were wiped out to save the galaxy.

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