By Lucy True

The fires will be their undoing.

The daughter of Loyalists, Kira Neville has been dreading the day she will be forced to marry the boy the Commonwealth chooses for her. Arranged marriage is just a part of life in the walled city of Lincoln and even though she knows life beyond the walls is dangerous, Kira is desperate to find another way of life. Because she already knows she could never be what her parents or society want her to be.

But the world of the pleasure-seeking Loyalists is a seductive one and Kira finds diversion in the underground nightclubs where the elite of the Commonwealth mingle with the Shamed, citizens disgraced by their Separatist heritage. The thrill of meeting the beautiful and enigmatic Vi, one of the Shamed, keeps her coming back for more.

Kira can’t help but wonder if staying in the city would be such a bad thing. Staying, however, means giving up any hope of freedom. And worse than that is the danger her heart is in when her admiration for Vi blossoms into forbidden love. Will Kira heed the call to duty or resistance?

This is a young adult dystopian lesbian romance with themes that might be darker and a little too true-to-life at times.

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