Call Me Quixote

By Genta Sebastian

Love on the line.

Quixote, an elder wedding officiant, learns her ride will be late picking her up after a ceremony. She joins a group of young lesbians by their campfire while she waits, sharing her whiskey and wisdom. Curious about her name, they ask why she chose it. Q trades them a story for a s’more.

Twenty years ago, in a city far, far away, a series of sudden coincidences propelled two middle-aged Minnesota lesbians into the adventure of a lifetime. While seizing a fleeting opportunity, Genta and Maria received both taunts from bigoted protestors and supportive sandwiches from drag queen nuns. They experienced romance in the City of Love one night, and survived a wild winter storm in it the next. Stubbornly holding their place in line for over twenty-four hours, could they reach their impossible dream to be legally married, or would the windmill of fear and homophobia crush their love?

Read Genta Sebastian’s personal account of a remarkable Valentine’s weekend in 2004 when Mayor Gavin Newsom provided the first legal marriage licenses for same-sex couples in the United States of America. She was there and this is what she remembers.

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