Carving a New Shape

The Lesbian Love in Neolithic Orkney Series, Book 2

By Rhiannon Grant

Will Laki's naive ideas and Bokka's struggles with communication make it impossible to carve out a space the perfect shape for them?

Arriving in a new village on her first ever trading voyage, Laki immediately feels unsettled by some of the rude and bullying behaviour and the loss of her necklace – and attracted to Bokka, who is both helping and hindering. As they start to work together to escape the situation, will Laki’s naive ideas and Bokka’s struggles with communication make it impossible to carve out a space in their society which is the perfect shape for them?

Set in the Neolithic village of Skara Brea and around the Orkney Islands, Carving a New Shape is an evocative exploration of an ancient society, the power of love, and the ability of humanity to adapt. Featuring central characters who would be described today as lesbian, bisexual, and autistic, this is a warm-hearted story which doesn’t play down the challenges they face but leads to a happy ending.

Carving a New Shape follows on from Between Boat & Shore but can be read as a standalone story. Readers should be aware that it includes sex as well as some scenes of bullying, attempted assault, and the deaths of side characters.

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