Castle Wrath

By Karin Kallmaker

Survive 30 nights in a remote castle and I collect the cash. Maybe.

I inherited a castle in Scotland! Well, sort of. It’s that or a life-changing pile of cash. I’m a California girl and getting the castle is probably a long shot — the other claimant is a local. Portia Tennielle is also compelling and sophisticated. She’s invaded my dreams. They are very good dreams. Mostly.

This whole situation could be the beginning of something wonderful, if not for the bad-tempered daughter of the caretaker. Ms. Perfect Melanie Drake seems to think she knows everything, is annoyed by my very existence, and is not in the least bit attractive.

It’s only for 30 days. I’ll be fine. This will be fun.

Join Brittany Brannigan on a breathless journey through a storm-drenched castle, dungeon dreams, and all sorts of things that go bump in the night.

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