Cause & Effect

By Cyan LeBlanc

How does one follow their heart when it's torn in different directions.

Luisa had just been released from rehab, and she must now resume her life without her closest companion. However, because of her constant obsession with Natalia, starting over is no longer an option. She doubts that she has the strength to complete the task alone.

Natalia, a self-absorbed pop star, uncovers secrets from the terrible night that severed her friendship with Luisa. She finds out more than she bargained for when she gets her hands on Luisa’s journal, and as a result, she feels compelled to renew their friendship and explore the possibility of something more.

Though CJ’s roommate Luisa was the last person she expected to develop romantic feelings for during her month in mandatory rehab, she finds herself unable to stop thinking about her. As they part ways, CJ expresses the hope that they will continue to develop their friendship into a flourishing romantic relationship once they leave the hospital.

This coming-of-age tale focuses on two young women who are best of friends and are attempting to maintain their bond despite the challenges of love, addiction, and sexual awakening, as well as a love triangle that threatens to pit them against each other.

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