Chasing a Ghost

The All the Right Wrong Reasons Series, Book 2

By Jacqueline Ramsden

Norah's got a million reasons to stay away from her family—and two billion to investigate them.

The two-billion-dollar question: Who is Ghost Guy and how is he connected to Laird Hill?

Norah Rosenberg works hard to keep her distance from her family. But when her half-brother, Laird Hill, comes into two billion dollars, Norah, Perry, and the team are on the case to figure out how he’s suddenly in possession of the kind of money he’s spent his life chasing.

As their investigation links Laird to an unidentifiable man Norah’s been following in her latest case, a questionable bank, a library from her past, and big money, they realize something larger is at play and it’s putting all of them in danger.

With Perry arrested and her freedom on the line, will Norah, Rhodes, and Kevin be able to figure out what’s going on in time to save her, or will they need help from some unexpected sources?

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