Chosen For Thermopylae

The Thermopylae Bound Series, Book 2

By Belinda Harrison

Alexis makes a request of Skylar that she's not sure she can honour.

Having decided to remain in Trachis, and leave behind the nomadic life she has always known, Skylar has begun a new life. She and Alexis have settled into a comfortable rhythm, until Alexis makes a request Skylar is not certain she can honour – she wants a child. Skylar has never been able to deny her princess anything, but neither is she willing to allow the simplest solution to give Alexis what she wants.

But Alexis is not the only one who wants a child for them – there are gods who want to see them overcome the challenges they face, and they’re willing to push the limits of Alexis and Skylar’s love and lust for one another in order to see it done.

With Ares leading the immortals and strengthening the plans he has for Skylar, we learn what she is to him, and why he needs her to face her fears and share ALL of her past with Alexis before he reveals himself to her.

Warning: more sex and less violence in book 2 than in book 1.

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