Colours of Dawn

The From the Ashes of Victory Series, Book 4

By Cameron Darrow

After a time of change, the witches of EVE will have to rediscover themselves, and each other.

“Few embody change more than you, Doctor Ravenwood.”

In a time of new beginnings, the past still holds power over the future.

With the EVE Witchcraft Conservatory on the verge of opening its doors, Millie Brown and the newly-minted Doctor Victoria Ravenwood return home to Longstown changed. After years-long battles both figurative and literal, they are welcomed back just in time to have the futures of 24 would-be witches placed in their hands while the eyes of the world watch. But the past will not let go so easily, and Millie, Victoria and Katya will have to find the courage to face it or risk shattering EVE from the inside out. To do so, they will need each other more than ever, and in ways they never imagined. Emotions run high as change runs rampant, and only the strength of their love for one another as friends, lovers and sisters will determine whether they lead EVE into a gathering dusk or a bright new dawn.

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