Cupid is a Cat

By Lise Gold

What if destiny was controlled by a cat who can't control themselves?

American born project manager Nora Bloom enjoys her life in London, but love hasn’t been easy. To stop herself from thinking about her ex for a night, she signs up for a speed-dating event. Not looking for anything other than distraction, she’s surprised when she meets an Israeli woman who leaves a lasting impression on her.

London-based diamond dealer Yael Kehim joins her single friend on a speed-dating night. Already casually dating someone, she’s only there for moral support, but after meeting Nora, her mind keeps going back to that night, and she can’t help but wonder what would have happened if she’d made different choices.

Cupid reports to The Almighty. Roaming the earth, spreading love, and bringing destined souls together, they take their assignments very seriously. To blend in, they manifest in many different forms, but when morphing into Toby, a cuddly ginger cat, they find a whole new level of joy in their job, and distractions are lurking around every corner.

When Nora and Yael finally meet again, strange things start to happen—things that are too bizarre to be coincidental. Is there free will in love? Or is our destiny written in the stars?

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