Diamond Rough

The Fairy Mafia Series, Book 1

By Serenity Snow

It was just supposed to be for show, but will the fauxmance turn romantic?

Born into a family of premier jewelers, Jorja is a half goblin who knows her place is at the head of her family business. There’s only one problem. Her grandfather is certain men were made to lead, but he’s willing to make an exception if Jorja settles down.

Jennifer hardly knows Jorja, but she’s running out of money, about to lose her home, and has no prospects. So, when Jorja offers to pay Jennifer to be her wife in name only, Jennifer can’t resist.

Jennifer doesn’t t expect to fall in love any more than she’s prepared to be dragged into the lawless world of fairy vendettas and murder. Unwilling to live that way, Jennifer is ready to walk away from the burning passion she has with Jorja. But when Jennifer becomes a target, Jennifer realizes there’s no place safer than in Jorja’s care.

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