The Playing For Her Duet, Book 2

By Tessa Vidal

A seductive melody of love and risk, sung in the shadow of forbidden desire.

“Taking care of you is my job, but if you want more than that, I can be tempted.”

Being dumped is the first injustice, and losing my craptastic retail job is the second. Struggling to find a way forward, romance is put on the back burner, and I scramble to find work. Lady Luck steps in, and I score the job of my dreams as an assistant to an opera singer, Maria Wagner. She is stunning to look at, and even more to listen to. Unfortunately for me, she is also my boss, which means Maria is off limits.

Whenever Maria gazes at me I feel naked, and vulnerable. And to make matters worse, the job is very intimate. Every day we are up close and personal, and somehow I must maintain my professionalism, or risk losing everything. Underneath the Diva’s aloof exterior I sense Maria wants more, and despite my better judgment, so do I.

Diva is the second book in the Playing For Her duet. Like the world of opera, it’s a dramatic romance between a reluctant star, and the woman who secretly loves her.

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