End of War in Thermopylae

The Thermopylae Bound Series, Book 6

By Belinda Harrison

This is the final showdown; it is life and death.

Before Ava sent Ares to the cage, he promised her the Persians would return to Greek shores and in the autumn of 480BC, nine winters after Ava’s return to Trachis, his words ring true. The yellow caps are sailing to the west, intent on claiming victory.

But they are not the only returning enemy. Ava’s greatest foe has also found his way back to Thermopylae and means to take revenge for what she denied him of. Ava will have to call on more than just her willpower and the god of the forge if she is to be victorious again; the consequences dire should she fail.

As their final showdown looms, hearts will be broken and old stories proven once and for all.

This is the Battle of Thermopylae. This is life and death. This is love and war. This is the end of war in Thermopylae.

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