Eternal Optimist

By Susie Ray

Jenny and Tom have been kindness itself to Lacey, their new employee, but has she betrayed their trust by falling for their beloved daughter...?

Four stories of Women loving Women

Eternal Optimist – Lacey is making her way in the world of working for a living, and her first job means moving, away from home to Lichfield, one of the smallest cities in the country. Her employers are a husband-and-wife team who seem very caring, even arranging temporary accommodation with their daughter, Ariel. What will they say when they discover that they have become lovers, unable to deny their feelings?

Bitter Sweet – Belinda is learning to cope with the loss of, Jenny, the love of her life – she knows that no-one else could ever come close and has no intentions of trying to find someone else. It doesn’t help that she keeps recalling, just how they met and fell in love, as if trying to hold all chances for future happiness, at bay.

When she met Tess, and they got on well together, Belinda decided it was only fair to be up-front with her and tell her that there was nothing more than friendship on offer. Their friendship grew to the stage of sleepovers, sharing the same bed – purely as friends, naturally, but will their resolve be enough to keep the pact they have made, or will love make another appearance in Belinda’s life?

Stevie – Jane and Stevie have been set-up by their mutual friend Cassie, but they try to make the best of their date – it’s only for one night, or is it? When Stevie asks her to pretend to be her plus-one at her sister’s wedding, perhaps Jane plays the part too well, or are they simply unable to ignore what’s staring them in the face…?

A Penny for Them – Kate accepts her boss, Jasmine’s invitation to dinner with Penny, her friend, but has no inkling where it might lead to. Being offered the position of manageress of Jaz’s boutique was the last thing she expected, but there’s even more in store for her…

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