Eternally Bound

The Evermore Eternals Series, Book 1

By Luna Lawson

A forbidden love is the hardest bond to break.

In a world of warring covens, Aurelia is a prisoner trapped between two worlds. She is the daughter of a defeated warlord and has been sent to live with a rival coven as a hostage. Raised as a daughter of the victorious coven, she knows that she doesn’t belong and that her life is always in the balance. Her love for Raelinn, the daughter of the ruling coven, is forbidden, but they cannot resist each other.

When whispers of rebellion start to circulate, Aurelia’s life hangs in the balance. There are threats against her life, and Raelinn is tasked with negotiating with the rebels in an effort to stop a war that no one but her father wants.

As tensions rise, Aurelia and Raelinn must navigate their forbidden love while trying to prevent a war between the ruling coven and the scattered rebels that haunt the city. Will Raelinn be able to expose the treason at the heart of the rebellion, and re-establish peace between the two covens? Or will she lose everything?

As the negotiation process begins, Raelinn finds herself in a precarious position. She must balance her loyalty to her family with her desire to save Aurelia. The stakes are high, and the outcome uncertain. Aurelia’s fate hangs in the balance, and Raelinn must make a difficult decision. Will she choose duty over love, or will she risk everything to save Aurelia?

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