Every Little Thing

The Bayview Romances Series, Book 3

By Lily Seabrooke

Goodbyes are no place to fall in love.

Bakery owner Harper has her secrets. She’s always kept to herself, constantly on a career climb that only she can see, with no one allowed close—except the one person in Bayview who won’t take no for an answer.

Paisley’s fallen into bed with Harper twice already over their years of friendship, but it’s never meant anything. Unless it has, in which case—well, she’d have to confront those feelings now, because Harper is on her way out of Bayview for good.

It’s too late now for the two of them to find all the things they could have been. But maybe the ending is the best time for a new beginning.

Every Little Thing is a 90,000-word small-town friends-to-lovers romance and the third and last book in the Bayview Romances trilogy. Features a cute small town with a big gay friend group, being in major denial about feelings, identity crises, reinventing yourself, and kissing your friend just because it’s fun and you feel like it, and it doesn’t necessarily mean anything, right? Content warnings for on-page sex scenes, some major family trauma, off-page death of a family member, survivor’s guilt, hospitalization relating to not eating, a lot of angst, Kay keeping secrets really really really well, and Paisley’s whole thing she’s got going on.

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