Every Rose

The Taste of Port Andrea Series, Book 5

By Lily Seabrooke

Working with her worst enemy is the last thing Misha wanted.

All Misha’s ever wanted is to get rid of Zoe—so what happens when the world pushes them onto the same side?

The pivotal moment in Misha’s career is here and once again, it’s Zoe Archer who’s in her way.

After taking over luxury restaurant Rose Bloom while the owner is abroad, Misha’s skill running a restaurant is tested when Port Andrea’s most infamous cutthroat restauranteur Persephone Jacobs opens a competing restaurant directly across from her and declares war on Rose Bloom.

And worse? The competition is headed by her long-time rival, Zoe Archer.

Zoe is willing to do whatever it takes to get Misha out of Port Andrea—even working with the feared and dreaded Dragon Queen, Persephone Jacobs. But when Jacobs’s methods get too underhanded, Zoe’s forced to face the unthinkable:

Maybe she needs to work with the person she hates the most.

Every Rose is a 100,000-word enemies-to-lovers romance in the Taste of Port Andrea collection, an unordered collection of culinary romances set in the fictional city of Port Andrea. Features gratuitous boldfaced enemies-to-lovers dynamics, restaurant subterfuge, teaming up with your worst enemy to fight a bigger enemy, and Flora gently pointing out the two are actually in love and just bad at realizing it. Content warnings for on-page sex, mentions of an abusive and grooming past relationship, Persephone Jacobs taking great joy in being evil, Flora being charmingly hapless, sex in a restaurant kitchen, and an eleven-inch height difference that the taller one lords over the shorter one a lot.

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