Every Slow Song

By Erica Lee

How hard could it be to pretend to be madly in love with the wife you were divorcing?

Skylar Davis and Kennedy Moore thought they found their happily ever after when they met in their mid-twenties. Unfortunately, five years into their marriage, happily ever after didn’t seem so happy anymore. Reaching the end of her rope, Kennedy asked for a divorce and the two separated.

After six months of being separated, Skylar still hasn’t told her family about the impending divorce. When the time comes for the annual family beach vacation, what choice does she have but to ask Kennedy to come along and pretend they are still together? Telling the truth isn’t an option since it will only make her already-strained relationship with her family even harder.

Two weeks pretending to be madly in love. How hard could it be? It turns out the hard part might not be faking it. The hard part is not getting their hearts broken all over again when the two weeks comes to an end.

BONUS: Don’t miss the winner of the short story contest, Intimacy, included at the end of the book!

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