Extended Capacity

The Hobbs Series, Book 10

By Elena Graf

A school shooting is a nightmare that happens in other towns until it comes to yours

A small town in Maine wakes up thinking it’s just another winter day, but a tragedy has been set in motion by dark secrets from the past and an unfortunate series of recent events. The horror that every town fears is about to come to Hobbs.

Dr. Liz Stolz is preparing to teach a gun safety class. Police Chief Brenda Harrison is heading to present her new conceal carry requirements to town manager, Olivia Enright. The principal of Hobbs Elementary, Courtney Barnes, and the new teacher, Susan Gedney, aren’t looking forward to an afterschool meeting about active shooter drills. On the other side of town, Sam McKinnon is finishing work on the school bathroom. Each woman will unwillingly play a critical role in the drama that is about to unfold. Hobbs will never be the same again.

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