Far From Thermopylae

The Thermopylae Bound Series, Book 5

By Belinda Harrison

Ava's hatred for the Persians runs deep and a new test is about to be given to her.

It’s time for the Chosen One to stand at Ares’ side.

Her hatred for the Persians runs deep. She is the fierce warrior Ares has always wanted. The warrior he created after he took her parents and drove a wedge between she and her remaining kin.

As a soldier in the army of Trachis, Ava carries out her assignments with lethal efficiency and Ares has decided it’s time he tested her, just as he has tested all in his line. It’s time Ava had the amulet he took back ten winters ago. Time she proved she is who he has waited for.

With Ava at his side, Ares will be able to challenge Zeus for the mantle of King of the Gods. He is counting on her winters of anger to entice her to what he’s offering. But what he hasn’t counted on is the slave she meets, who is not all he seems, or Ava’s determination to find the one man she believes has the answers she seeks.

Will Ava embrace her lineage and what Ares offers or will she deny him and save those she loves, along with the rest of the mortals and their gods?

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