Feeders and Bleeders

The Nightwalker Agency Series, Book 1

By Idella Breen

In a world where vampires live among us as equals, and part of our society, a murder will be committed.

Setsuna Yuunagi didn’t know what she wanted out of life, but coming to America hadn’t been high on her list. Transferring late into her senior year, due to a mix-up with her transcript, her once calm life is disrupted. Only adding to that stress, she soon realizes that she is the only bleeder, a vampire that produces excessive amounts of blood, in the whole school. So much for not standing out!

It also doesn’t help that her blood keeps reacting strangely to another girl! Dominique Faye is as mysterious as she is beautiful, but she is a feeder, a vampire that drinks blood, and Setsuna doesn’t want anything to do with her.
When strange pranks begin happening around the school, Setsuna’s natural curiosity and obsession with solving puzzles lead her down a path with Faye at the end of it.

Can Setsuna’s school life remain calm and orderly? Or will Faye be the disruption she’s always secretly craved? You’ll just have to read to find out!

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