Finding Love Again

By Susie Ray

Lindsay wants to Say it with Flowers, for her Mum's birthday, but little did she know that meeting Mary at the florists would change her life forever...

Four short stories of Women loving Women.

This book takes its title from the first love story featured, where Lindsay and Mary are drawn instinctively to each other. Neither of them is looking for love, maybe friendship or companionship, and love takes them both by surprise, but with glorious benefits. A flower-shop girl and a paralegal – can they find common ground and make an ideal match?

When Mary is threatened, Lindsay stands up for her and in so doing, shows her true intentions…

Barkeep follows the development of Charlie as she takes over the running of a bar, where she meets Bea, seemingly out of her league, but very desirable and very forthright. How on earth did they end up in bed together after just a few snatched conversations?

Starlet is almost a second chance story where Angie has a schoolgirl crush on a soon to become, starlet, Margot who has a promising career ahead of her as a ballerina, but their lives go in opposite directions, until a chance meeting. Their story follows the impact of their re-union and how their future develops.

Red Bus is a short-short story in which Isobel has already clicked with Charlie and the immediate future is about to be set over drinks on a girls’ night out. Enter Chloe, who appears to be Isobel’s ideal woman, with all the qualities she yearns for, and the spark is just as keen as with Charlie. Chloe is shy, however and is quick to leave the field of play, giving Charlie free-rein, but Isobel has her own ideas.

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