Forever Yours

Lesbian Omegaverse Fantasy Romance

The Seventh Star Series, Book 4

By Lily X

Eccentric, bookish and downright boring—Zanny Starquist knows exactly what people say about her.

An omega who graduated with a doctorate in herbology at just nineteen, she’s devoted her career to formulating a natural herb-based vaccine to empower people like herself to go beyond the constraints of their heats, and she’s as close as she can ever be.

All she needs is one last herb from the sacred bowers of the lower Nestian mountain tribe of Clovend.

Azura has held the honor of being Chieftain of Clovend for the past twenty years. The tribe respects and adores her, but most importantly, they trust in her ability to keep them safe. After the death of her Mate several years before, the Alpha believes her time for romance is over. She’s older now. Wiser. Too practical to be punched in the gut by pale freckles and fiery curls on first sight. Or so she tells herself.

As Zanny works her wide-eyed charm on the unsuspecting Chieftain, Azura’s enemies watch from afar, knowing exactly where to strike so that it hurts her the most.

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