From Rescue to Love

The Andromeda Galaxy Lesbian Romance Series, Book 1

By Sabrina Kane

Major Tai Chang is an incredible pilot—one of the best in Sabre Squadron…the elite starfighter force in the Unitary.

After finishing a routine patrol in a sector of the Milky Way Galaxy, she returns to the Aquila System to discover that the main planet, Aquila Prime, is under attack by the Unitary’s worst enemy, the Merkonians…

All Dr. Lia Ketterman wanted was a few days on the orbiting Science Station 119 indulging in her hobby—studying stars, which was where she was when the Merkonians attacked Aquila Prime. To make matters worse, the Merkonians targeted the science station, almost destroying it and killing Lia.

And that is how these two women meet…under rather harrowing circumstances when Tai rescues Lia as Station 119 is literally falling apart around them.

Perhaps that would have been the end of their story.
Except for one thing…

It turns out that both Lia and Tai are assigned to the UCS Fordham—a massive new Unitary starship that is going to make use of Lia’s incredible invention to achieve something no starship has ever achieved before: travel to the Andromeda Galaxy and explore it.

“From Rescue to Love” is Sabrina Kane’s first foray into the realm of science-fiction lesbian romance!

It tells the story of how two very different women start a relationship and fall in love while in the deepest depths of outer space.

As usual, the signature Sabrina Kane elements are found in this story: Low angst, fun characters, lots of humor, and plenty of steam!

So enjoy reading a different kind of Sabrina Kane story, and find out how Lia and Tai discover their HEA out among the stars!

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