The Present Intimacy Series, Book 2

By Morgan Routh

From heartbreak to passion, cold science to steamy sex, the highs of power and the lows of total loss, these women must weather on.

Amazon Top 100 Best Selling Author For Lesbian Fiction, Medical Fiction, and LGBT Anthologies & Collections

Dr. Geraldine Colburn is a tough, ethics-driven CEO of a pharmaceutical company. Ever since a mysterious, Valeant / Martin Shkreli type company called Shogi Industries started grabbing her stock, Colburn must fight tooth and nail to keep control of her empire. As the menacing threat gets closer and closer to a hostile takeover, Colburn is forced to court outside investors and battle internal coups. Greed and backstabbing is at every corner. Even in the bedroom. This is a novel filled with fierce hardship.

Toni Cantrell has traded everything for a lifestyle of luxury, ease, and fashion. All it cost: her body and her name.

Locked under a sugarbaby contract for a powerful lesbian CEO, Toni lives in a glamorous hurricane of politics, seduction, and money. That is, until she meets a shy, intelligent girl named Sarah. Suddenly, Toni is thrust into a world of chaos as she tries to hide her love for Sarah — lies and secrets begin to build.


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