Hall of Mirrors

The From the Ashes of Victory Series, Book 3

By Cameron Darrow

With their revelation of magic's existence to the entire world, the witches of EVE will have to face the consequences.

“…200 years of secrecy, all gone in moments. You chose to use your magic publicly.”

“I chose to save the lives of hundreds of people.”

The fiery revelation of magic’s existence by the witches of EVE has been met with excitement, wonder, acceptance… and fear. While Longstown is abuzz with the energy of hosting its first suffrage rally, the witches of EVE are trying to come to terms with their sudden notoriety. Attention is falling on them from every angle, and it results in a pair of invitations that they are unable to refuse. To witness the signing of the Treaty of Versailles is the chance of a lifetime, the end of the war that changed them forever. But when a new witch suddenly arrives to demand Victoria and Katya explain themselves to the first Great Council of witches in over 200 years, it could spell the end of EVE. Or witchkind as they know it.

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